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Bonner COUNTY, Idaho

Welcome to the Bonner County Chapter!

We alternate meeting between Priest River at Trinity Baptist Church, 180 Osprey Lane, Edgemere Grange, 3273 Bandy Road, Priest River, so confirm by email before arriving.

Please email us at westbonnerid@nlhg.org to find about more about our Gatherings, Workshops and any upcoming special events!

Upcoming Events

Cancellations for bad weather are posted in the general Facebook Group, "LHG of Bonner County, ID".


Topics For 2020

Support our local NLHG Member Owned Businesses

LHG of Bonner Chapter 2020 Board

President: Lorinda Barnes 

Vice President: Miranda Johnson

Secretary: Lisa Porria

Treasurer: Heather Gulley 

Community Coordinator: Amber Barnes

Education Coordinator: Kris Mendenhall

Outreach Coordinator: Golda Houidobre

Newsletter: Susan Martin

Community Project: West Bonner Food Bank & Garden

Chapter Goal: Support the Bonner County Fair

Contact us at: westbonnerid@nlhg.org

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