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Update Your Profile

To update personal contact information and other profile details, such as business name and website, there are numerous self-service options for NLHG members and contacts. These options are available from your member or contact profile.

Accessing the profile

As a member or contact, you can access your profile by logging in. On this page you can see your log-in status to the right under "Profile Access". On other pages the login button may appear at the very top of the page, or be available elsewhere.

Once logged in, a "View profile" link will appear to the right of your profile name. On this page your name appears under "Profile Access" to the right of this box. On other pages profile access may only appear as your clickable name at the very top or top right of the webpage.

Clicking the "View profile" link on the right will take you to your profile page.

Viewing and editing your profile

After clicking the "View profile" link, you will see a summary of your current profile. If you would like to edit your profile, click on the green "Edit profile" button. 

On the next page you will be able to see and make changes to your key profile information. You can add details about your business, if you have one. If you are a paid member, your business information will be added to the searchable member directory.

Don't forget to click the Save button to save the changes.

Additional Profile Options

There are several other areas of your profile you are also able to view and edit.

Email subscriptions

The Email subscriptions page allows your to adjust your email preferences. 

Invoices and payments

Following the Invoices and payments link allows you to view your history of invoices and payments, and pay open invoices. 


The Privacy link allows you to specify which fields are visible to everyone, just other members, or remain hidden.

These settings apply to your listing in the member directory and on your directory profile page.

If a lock icon appears beside a field, you cannot change the privacy setting for that field. 

You can hide your public profile altogether by un-checking the "Show profile to others" option.

Click the Save button to save settings, or Cancel to exit without saving.

My directory profile

Click on "My directory profile" to preview how your profile is displayed to others based on your privacy settings.

Photo albums

Clicking the Member photo albums link allows you to manage your photo albums. 

Profile Access

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