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June Gathering: LHG of Sandusky County, OH

  • 06/17/2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 720 S Main St. Lindsey, OH 43442

Welcome Homesteaders! Ladies of Sandusky and nearby counties are invited to attend the JUNE Gathering of the Sandusky County Ohio Chapter of National Ladies Homestead Gathering.

Our first Gathering in May was a SUCCESS and we can't wait to continue building our Community with the JUNE Gathering, and beyond!

We'll gather on Thursday, June 17th at 6:00pm for Sign-In/Meet & Greet, then open up the Gathering by 6:20pm.

We'll gather at Creek Bend Farm Park located at 720 S Main Street (State Route 590) in Lindsey, OH. Come to the big, red barn alongside the road--You'll see the entrance facing the road. Plenty of parking next to the barn, plenty of seating for all and plenty of learning, fun and community happening here!

For our Food Preservationists (whether long-timers or wanna-be's) you won't want to miss this one! Gardens have been planted, Farmers Markets will SOON be popping up everywhere. NOW is the time to start "Preparing for the Harvest". Our "Foodie" Board members will give the Small Talk by educating our Members on EVERYTHING you'll need to have a Successful Canning Season.

SHARE-A-TIP: Please bring along your favorite preservation tip to share with everyone.

Our Main Talk will be an "Herb Chat" by longtime garden enthusiast and retired teacher Mrs Parmelia (Parm) Boyer of Lindsey, OH. Mrs. Boyer will share her techniques for growing, harvesting, drying/preserving and ideas for cooking with herbs. Come and hear what has worked for her!

The National Ladies Homestead Gathering provides a welcoming environment where women can share knowledge, celebrate victories, and address challenges while cultivating community with like-minded women. All women are welcome who have a dream or desire to be more self-reliant. Whether their homesteads are in the planning phase or already established, all women have something to contribute or gain from coming together. Gatherings are FREE and open to Women ages 16+ and nursing babies.

Our mission statement: Share Knowledge. Build Community. Grow Friendships.

Our Purpose: Empowering Women Through Homesteading

What is a Homesteader? Doing at HOME, inSTEAD of buying from a store.

We don't care about how much land you do or don't have, how many animals (and what kind) you do and don't have, or how much (or little) experience you have! There's always more to learn, and everyone has something to share.

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