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HerStory - Aimee Dickenson

04/16/2018 8:47 AM | Willa Beth Smith


Aimee is a member of the Wythe County, Virginia Chapter of Ladies Homestead Gathering.  Here is her story...


Let me tell you a little bit about our life on our farm, Thornberry Ridge, located in Draper, Va. (Wythe County side).  We have 25 beautiful acres that look over the mountains and the New River.  We raise and sell Large Black Hogs, Dexter cattle, and chickens--all on pasture. 


The hogs run on 10 acres of pastures and woods and are fed a non-GMO whole grain mix.  They are raised as naturally as possible.  They reach butcher weight at 10 months old, and the flavor is spectacular! We offer whole hogs for sale twice a year. 


We also raise grass fed Dexter beef that matures for 2 years on open pastures.  We have a great processor that dry ages the beef for 30 days to enhance the incredible flavor of the Dexter beef.  We offer whole and half beef sales throughout the year.  We raise meat chickens on pasture for 8 weeks and then they are processed on the farm and packaged whole.  We offer meat chickens for sale throughout our growing season of Spring through Fall.  


We also offer sausage making classes throughout the year, and have made breakfast sausages, Italian, Bratwursts, Keilbasas, hotdogs, and cheddar/jalapeno Bratwursts.  It's a lot of fun!  We also play around with dry curing and wet curing hams, bacon, salami, and pastrami.  


If you are interested in any of our products or classes, please call me!  276-617-2507 We have an open-door policy at our farm and encourage you to come see how we raise our food. 

Thank you, Aimee, for sharing your story of homesteading with us!  As part of membership appreciation, Aimee's story is one which took many years and didn't happen overnight.  If you have a dream like Aimee's, let us know.  Tell us your story, where you are and where you are going!

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