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Giving Tuesday

11/28/2017 2:37 PM | Willa Beth Smith
Ahhhh, ‘tis the season for lots of wishful anticipation, hoping that all our dreams come true in this magical month!

When my children were little, the “wish I had…” and “I hope I get…” started right after Thanksgiving when the toy catalogs began showing up in the mailbox.  After a few days barrage of justified argumentation for a certain toy, I asked each child to write their Christmas list for me. Peace once again reigned in the home, except for the occasional, “how do you spell…??”

My children pored over the catalogs, discussed certain toys with friends, weighed their options and finalized their Christmas list.  Once that list was handed over, hopeful anticipation for Christmas morning grew steadily for the rest of the month.

I loved reading over their lists and have saved several of them over the years.  It was important to me that my husband and I knew the wishes of our children. It gave us the wonderful opportunity to make our child’s hopes and dreams come true.

With the same mindset, I’ve asked the National Board of LHG, what are their hopes and wishes for tools to more effectively help them serve you.  What are their dreams for our local boards to give them greater opportunities to connect more readily with their communities?

After much discussion, research and weighing of options, the board members have turned in their lists and I wanted to share them with you.  In this season of giving, we could use your help.  We are in the midst of a very positive growth problem. The current funds aren’t matching the needs for this level of growth.  We are celebrating this problem because it means we are making a difference. 

We are becoming the voice and avenue for change in the lives of lots of women!  And with your help, we will attain the tools necessary to reach more women and share our mission with those who, just like you, are looking for a community of like-minded women.

“And this to me is the reason to give … giving out of a thankful, grateful heart for all you’ve received from LHG…”

We are a young organization full of incredible women who definitely stand out in a crowd because of Ladies Homestead Gathering.  I meet women all the time who would love to have this community in their town.  And this to me is the reason to give … giving out of a thankful, grateful heart for all you’ve received from LHG so that others, like you, can have the life changing experience of a homesteading community.

We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us, the amazing growth we are seeing, and the women we meet who are grateful for Ladies Homestead Gathering.

Please take a moment to review our Dream List and see if there’s an item you could sponsor financially, either all at once or monthly, or even a portion.

AND - we have $2000 in matching funds from anonymous donors who will match every dollar donated through the end of November!!!

So your donation will go twice as far!

If you have extra airline points, hotel points, or car rental points that you’d like to donate, we’d hugely appreciate that help!  Or maybe your employer does a Volunteer Hours Match.  We’ve had a few of our ladies use that and we are so grateful. Please email us if you can help us out in this way!

So here’s the Dream List for Ladies Homestead Gathering…. 

$135 per year OR $11.25 per month- SoundCloud account for audio storage for podcasts, leadership calls, etc.

$6000 up front - Association Management Software (gives us our website, helps us manage memberships, send newsletters, create events, and track donations)

$350 per month - Website presence and hosting

$100 per year OR $8.33 per month - DocuSign - Allows for the signature of affiliate agreements and other official documentation that requires legal signatures

$50 per month - Mailchimp - Allows for integration with our management software and allows National and Chapters to be able to send out their own newsletters professionally

$180 per year OR $15 per month - office supplies for National Board members (printer ink and paper).

$1000 up front OR $83.33 per month for digital camera, accessories and event equipment

$600 upfront OR $50 per month for podcast equipment - microphones, software, etc.

$16,000 per year OR $1333.33 per month for travel expenses for events we attend (Mother Earth News Fairs where we are able to reach new audiences and share our mission) and events we host (Leadership Retreats and REACH)

How do you make some of these wishes come true for LHG?  Follow this link to the donation button on our website.  And remember – this is a tax donation since we are a 501c3 … a write off!!

And if you’d like to give a gift that gives back, sign up to be a member if you’re not one already!  Your $35 membership fee gives YOU access to all our National Member Discounts and 20% of your $35 goes right back to your home Chapter. 

Any amount you can share with us will be greatly appreciated!  The National Board and all your Local Board Members readily give their time and energy because they believe in the mission of Ladies Homestead Gathering and the power of Community.  It’s certainly not for the pay since everyone is a volunteer. :-)

What is my wish this holiday season?  To see the community of LHG grow and embrace the many women across this nation who long to be a part of a loving, caring, knowledgeable circle of friends.

Cyndi Ball

Founder and President

National Ladies Homestead Gathering 


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