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We All Need A Wingman

08/28/2017 8:51 AM | Willa Beth Smith

We All Need a Wingman!

In the 21st Century age of technology the “butt dial” is a real thing. During a long day of trimming sheep feet, LHG member Jan Southers had no idea that she was calling fellow homesteader Mary Fucci’s phone over and over.  Mary could hear sheep in the background and knew that Jan was home, but when she would not speak on the line or pick up returned calls, Mary feared the worst. 

What other choice did she have?  Mary and her husband Al got in the car and drove across town to check it out!  Not just around the corner, Mary drove more than 15 miles to be sure everything was okay. If actions speak louder than words, Jan’s bear hug testifies to the true friendship these LHG women share. 

Even though a modern homesteader is one who has an attitude and philosophy of self-sufficiency, the women of Ladies Homestead Gathering believe in community and interdependence. Self-reliance isn’t about looking out for number one; it’s about building the strength of the flock.   Every member of the flock need s good wingman, and it feels great when you know your sister has your back!  LHG member Mary Fucci is a wingman, indeed!

Picture of Jan Southers, and Mary Fucci of the Madison County, LHG Chapter in Georgia. 

This story was contributed by Kelly Capers, a member of LHG. We would like to hear more stories of how we are supporting one another through building our community at Ladies Homestead Gathering.  Please contact us at info@ladieshomesteadgathering.org to send in your stories and pictures.

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